Games that will next be Skillfied



Lotto used to be a game where pure luck played the only role. With us, a completely new element, skill, will change the game forever. Skill-Lotto can be applied to many platforms, contact us for furtner information


Many of traditional casino games can also be skillfied. We will bring grand-old Roulette to the market with new, unorthodox approach. Join us and get your share of the future, Skill-Roulette

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About us


We are about to lauch an innovative group of hyper casual games which are patented. Yes, we will create a completely new genre of games that can applied to a variety of platforms, typically on mobile device environment, even on traditional slot machines not to mention option of a TV format and all the possibilities it will bring.


We are a small start-up gaming company from Finland. Read more here and join us, we are seeking for new investors to conquer the gaming universe with us!


Our hyper casual games are based on visual and auditive perception, short term memory and reaction speed. We fulfill both needs that attractive games offer - challenge to improve your skills and experiences of success and development.There is autonomy - freedom to play from any device, sense of competence when player can improve skills  while experiencing rewards of personal and financial levels  and social aspect when players can compete against each others and share success amoung their network of people.





Patent pending? On digital games?


We will have a global protection to the games in question. We will lauch some games on our own but we are also happy to discuss about lisencing these games to your particular market or purpose.  This is possible because we have science included. Mr Esko Koivusalo has dedicated his life to learning technigues, philosophy of creativity and now these smart thoughts are brought to the gaming and gambling arena.



The traditional games are mostly based on luck, sometime background information or mathematics may improve the odds. In our case, a new breed of  games is introduced. In these games, skills play the biggest role hence creating a new catogory of games that the world has not seen yet. Or actually it has, because these games bear names that most of us know - Lotto, Roulette, Dices etc. We have a patent pending on this category and methods to create such games.


Our games can be played independently or within groups, there can be public participation based tournaments not to mention a TV format which combines the mobile Hyper Casual Games and fast-speed gaming show elements on TV. As you certainly notice, we are talking about something that has not been seen yet!

Our thinking






Games can contribute to development the player or they can create fun experiences. Our idea is to combine these aspects. The basic formula of 21Century Gamebridge Games is the same in all games. They are based on the visual perception, short-term memory and reaction speed, as well as sub-skills, the weight of which varies from game to game as they progress. This is based on the the method to which we have patent pending. Our method will develop these three skills in a game like manner and in addition, many sub skills.


Even though there is a strong fun and gambling element in our games, these games can be used to improve skills that today's fast moving society calls for - how to concentrate better, how to remember important issues on fast and short notice. One might even say that these games are the gear of the 21 Century Gamebridge Mental Training Gym!

Unique opportunity


We are accepting new investors and partners

interested in  joining the explosion of our business.

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The Games which we have created, will have a meaningful position in a wide family of hyper casual games. We will have players from all around the world and there will be multiple organisations using our system to imrove their members' skills.. Hybrid of mobile  games and TV is extremely attractive.


Our games are based on our patent pending ( 2021 ): " Method of improving perception, Short-Term memory and Reaction Speed". Funny enough, the success formula to our games was invented more than 350 years ago. French mathematician, physician and philosopher Blaise Pascal ( 1623-1662 ) during his enthusiastic endeavours from one filed of science to another, created a solution that is valid even today. We would say, that is some attachement to the history !



Our vision





We want to be the leader in skill-games with money prizes. 21 Century Gamebridge has been established to boost the development and applcation of publicly accepted human skills of perception, memory and reaction speed. In today's fast pace society, these skills are in great demand.


Our games are universal and they will fit to many types of environments. We are sure that there will be many of our games in play on all continents. We will work with a number of gaming platforms, gambling companies, and marketeer willing to exploit the opportunities which high retention rates of our games offer. Read more from "our business case". 


One of our operative principles is " Beauty of Simplicity"  - We believe that the best solutions are simple, that efficient organisations with committed and skilled personnel will reach anything they wish with the support of well-selected partnes, clients and supporters. 

Our contacts




Just like the world and thoughts of its marvellous inhabitants, we are constantly on the move.


The best way to contact us is via management(at) We tend to be quick in our replies.


21 Century Gamebridge Ltd is located in Lappeenranta, FINLAND

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Games that will next be Skillfied



Lotto used to be a game where pure luck played the only role. With us, a completely new element, skill, will change the game forever. Skill-Lotto can be applied to many platforms, contact us for furtner information


Many of traditional casino games can also be skillfied. We will bring grand-old Roulette to the market with new, unorthodox approach. Join us and get your share of the future, Skill-Roulette







This is what we are doing


We are producing skill and edutainment ( combining education, mental workouts and entertainment ) online and mobile games for improving abilities for age groups between 4 and 80+. The games are based on multidisciplinary knowledge and before launching, they are tested and further developed with large number of registered players globally. Players can improve their mental skills, i.e. visual and auditory perception, reaction concontration, "super-fast" readin, short term and long-term memory, "learn-to-learn", problem solving, situation and stress management, creativity and in some cases even physical skills i.e. the awareness and control of the body, skills of balance etc.


We are generating a variety of games for the fast-growing gaming industry by combining already familiar concepts with our new and bold innovations, Succeeding in out games is based on skills that can be practised through games. Perception based in sight and hearing, short-term memory and responsive reaction are skills that are increasingly needed even in rapid changing situations. In other words, success in our games is based on these skills and numerous sub-skills, not of fortune. With their advanced skills, players can win up to as huge rewards as in gambling or lottery. The games involve a personal learning process and level variation. In this way, the games can also be applied to a number of short-term learning events, supporting traditional coaching and teaching and initiation in many different areas.


Some of our games can also be implemented in TV formats, which is an effective way to get visibility that we dont't pay for but they are part of our earning model. there is fierce competition for TV formats between TV  companies, not so much between producers, which is a great opportunity for us to get our games distibuted globally.


There are almost 20 games planned in our portfolio, the first of which will be Skill-Lotto, Skill-Roulette and Skill-Dices. These games are hyper-casual games, free-to-play, premium and play-for-money. Hyper Casuals for smarphones; short sessions max. four minutes, the games can be played during work brakes, while on public transportationm while waiting on a queue, sitting in bathroom, in a library or just before falling asleep. The target varies from millennials, parents to teens.




The gaming industry in in general rapidly growing with room for our nerw concept as well. Through our games players get new entertainment and game winning experiences. There are huge differences between athletes just the way there are differences between how each player can improve their skills even considerably by training and they are therefore entitled to receive even big money prizes when reaching the results of the highest level. At the same time, we have a great challenge and an opportunity to succeed in the global gaming market quickly, and thus we are also in a position to raise the value of Gamebridge brand to march the global success of our company. Lotto and Roulette are the best known and most played gambling games in the world, turning them into skill games is in itself a sensational news.


"With so much fun, very much can be done"




Free-to-paly, Lotto, Roulette and Dices; free play without login, in which case money comes through sponsors, with advertisements and the game can also be advertising media. For the brand, modified Gamebridge free-to-play games that are played on the most personal device, regardless of the time and place, are a very powerful touch point. The GB game is a rare advertising medium, as it gets full attention, when playing a person focuses only on the game. In addition, gaming is almost automatically associated with strong human emotions. Few ads spend on average of 4 minutes per session on a brand.


Premium Lotto, Roulette adn Dices; players can pay a small entry fee to pruchase additional sections or functions and exercises in the game.





Decades of experience e.g. in the development of speed reading; AvicaLines ( PCT/FI93/00928) and D3D ( US Patent 9,087,407,B2) and the latest method innovation to develop visual and auditory perception, short term memory and response speed ( Patent application FI20210056) are foundation and know-how together with the top experts, leading to a high-level of implementation on many games. The finished games script is for three games, Skill-Lotto, Skill-Roulette and Skill-Dices, the first of which will be implemented in early 2022.with effective and agile production method.




iWe have finished game scripts for three games. Skill-Lotto 1.0 will be implemented in the spring of 2022 with a small production team and low budget, followed by Skill-Roulette 1.0 and Skill-Dices 1.0. We also aim to lauch a special program to develop a mental training system for airline and airforce pilots.




21 Century Gamebridge will be a leading pacemaker in the game industry world-wide. New scientific research shows that we can improve the health and the fuction of our brains with the right mental workouts. These Skill Games increase the speed of eye movement, enlarge the field of vision, improve ort-term memory adn train us to perceive what-ever visual and auditory information more accurately and faster. And as a result we become e.g. much better readers and our reading resutls meet the requiremetns of the present information explosion as well. The other benefits are clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory, increased alertness and awareness, shorther reaction time, elevated mood and better concentration on work, while driving and in general. In the past, the conventional widom among neuroscience had been that our mental abilities were fixed at a very young age, with no possibility of improvement. That view has been shifted dramatically in recent years, thanks to improved understanding of the brain and the mind. we now know that our mental abilities can be imroved at any age with the right kind of exercise, i.e Skill-games. Our mission is to take advantege of these new scientific findings to make effective brain training avaiable in a form that is entertainign, encouraging and rewarding.




We have an online-learnign.mental workouts and oneline-skill-gaming plarform backed by e-laerning and online gaming experts and partners. The Company will take on leading the core-developmetn wotkd for the platform that will be the baisis of the site which will be open to use by academic institutions, businesses, sports and individuals to create and host massive online learning, mental workouts processes and games. This will also extend to research into how players leartn aand how the learned skills can be transformed into daily living and put into practise. Our industry is in the early stages of 21st century teachin, learning and gaming and lots of experimentation is still needed to find the best way to meet the educational, learning and gaming needs of the world. An ooen ecosystem with multiple players encourages rapid experimentation and innovation.


Esko A. Koivusalo


21 Century Gamebridge ltd.